Same me, but better.

New year, new you? Nope. Same me, but better. You bet. 2020 hasn’t been to best year, but a lot of good has come out of this year. It’s another year I have got to watch my little girl grow up. Another year I got to love on my husband. We have a beautiful house, camper and now we have bought the beach condo. I am currently cancer free. I have read so many posts lately about how bad 2020 has been and “I’m so ready to have this year over.” I am grateful for each day and you should be too. Stop focusing on the negative and see the positive. Choose happy. 

I have created a January resolution paint by number style calendar. (See bottom of page for blank, full resolution image for printing.) I will be setting goals for myself to do three things every day. If I complete those three things, at the end of the day I will color in the date. There are 31 days in January and 31 chances to accomplish these goals. 

An example of colors- feel free to make it your own.

Three things I want to work on are

1. Exercise

2. Nutrition

3. Mental Health

Exercise- My exercise goal is to intentionally move at least a half hour every day. I am being realistic. With treatments and feeling cruddy I know I won’t always be able to run or full on work out every day so I am making a goal of just movement. No, that doesn’t mean I went to the grocery store and walked around, but rather intentionally set a side 30 mins of my day to go for a walk, run, CrossFit style workout, bike ride, etc. 

Nutrition- My nutrition goal is to drink at least one large glass a water a day and one healthy meal a day. The holidays have me grabbing handful of crackers and treats and then before I realize it its late afternoon and haven’t eaten a proper meal. Creating a healthy lifestyle includes a routine of healthy foods as well as exercise. By replacing these snacks with a meal, I will be less hungry and less likely to grab something quick and unhealthy. 

Mental Health- I am going to write one truthful compliment about myself. I have been struggling lately with my appearance and just all around loving myself. Sitting down every night and telling myself one nice thing will hopefully boost my self-esteem and help me realize some things about myself. I am going to write it right on the space for the day on the calendar. 

If you decide to join me I encourage you to come up with realistic goals. Yes, we all have lofty goals of losing the quarantine weight but that’s not what this is about. It’s about sitting down and really thinking about how you could make a better self. Setting big goals will set you up for failure. Constant baby steps in the right direction are better than big leaps in both directions. 

Comment below if you will be joining me! 

Today I will set goals and celebrate the new year. I will also look back on all the amazing things that happened in 2020. 2021 I will be the same me, but better.      

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