The risk of failure must be overcome by hope of the future.

Do you ever just feel like, “What’s the point? Is this really worth doing? Is what I am doing really going to make a difference?” 

I ask these questions to myself at least once a day. And not just with exercise, but with treatments, nutrition, even this blog. Basically, asking myself, “Do I really feel like by doing this thing I can change the outcome?”

The answer is 99 percent always yes. Doubt will always be there but confidence needs to overpower negative thoughts. Maybe asking these questions is my way of confirming or reminding myself I am doing good. I am deserving of being happy. I am powerful enough to make change. 

Past experiences and failures will cause fear. I am not a bad person for wanting to quit. My mind has learned that failure hurts and is trying to protect me. I am not a bad person because something is hard and not wanting to cause myself discomfort. That is natural. I cannot become what I want by staying the same, though. The risk of failure must be overcome by hope of the future. What I choose to do after those thoughts is what makes me a better person. I need to wake up each day and try my best to push the negative aside and focus on the good. Be the best I can be. And then, if something goes wrong that day, I need to wake up the next and try again. Quitting altogether cannot be an option.

Growth and change are usually uncomfortable. If it was easy, would the outcome be as rewarding? Sometimes the plan doesn’t go as I think it should. There are detours and road blocks. That doesn’t mean the goal still isn’t out there waiting for me to achieve it. Sometimes I just need to take a step back, change my course, reset my mind and restart. 

This week has been my restart week. Like for most, we have big goals for 2021. My goal is still running 32 miles. There have been detours but I am still heading in the right direction. Matt is my person. He always there reminding me I am worth it, telling me to keep going, filling me with love. I encourage you to find someone to keep you accountable and to fill you with joy. When days are hard, having that little reminder may be just what you need to keep going. 

Today, I will continue to work toward my goals. I will not let setbacks and negative thoughts cloud my view of the finish line. Today, I will learn from yesterday but not let it affect today’s attitude. 

1-1-21: 1.3 Mile Hike at Rainbow Mountain Loop Trail, Madison, AL
1-2-21 Garage Gym Workout
1-3-21: 2.8 Mile Hike at Monte Sano State Park, Huntsville, AL 
1-3-21: Garage Gym Workout
1-4-21: Garage Gym Workout

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