I want to evoke emotion rather than explain it.

My original idea for this blog was a photographic documentary. I am an artist not a writer. When I think of a blog, I think of words. When I have a blank page before me words seem to be lost. This past weekend I took a writing about illness class. A good story has big moments as well as the small details. Compelling stories include unusual view points and sharing things in a vulnerable way. They explore relationships, joys and struggles. I do this all in my photography. This class revealed in any form, storytelling is just that, storytelling. When I hold a camera I immediately feel inspired. My photos are the story.

Do my photos need an explanation?  Can I look at my photos and see my joy, struggle, confidence, or lack of? Does it matter if I ran 3 miles or 10 if my photo reveals how I felt in that moment? Each week I struggle to find words of inspiration. It’s not that I don’t want to share my story through words, because sometimes words are important. Slowly over the weeks, there has been a shift in my blog. Last week, I feel my journey was better captured in my photos. The words seemed an afterthought- more of a description. Could my post have been as successful with just a title, mileage, and location? Could I have shown more vulnerability by showing a picture of me cringing while I limped to the car instead of just showing happy running pictures and writing about my struggles?

I found that I have been putting too much pressure on creating this inspiring tale. I want my images to be raw. My words to be truthful. I need to find the balance and expand my talent to its fullest, instead of splitting my efforts into two categories. I want to push my art into something meaningful. Some of my most successful photographs convey a strength or struggle. Some capture a moment filled with raw energy, love and fear. I want to evoke emotion rather than explain it. So, from now on, maybe a post will be only a moment or minute of the whole week described in words instead of a recap of the week. Maybe my images will speak for themselves one week. Continuing to pressure myself into turning out the expected is unfulfilling. This whole journey is a challenge. I’m discovering new things about myself every day. 32-miles is evolving. I am allowing myself freedom in this creative process. I’m excited to share it with you. 

Today I will follow where this journey will lead. I will challenge myself to share my story through art, no matter the form. I will continue to share honest feelings, raw moments, and beauty of my journey to 32 miles. 

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