I see improvements every day.

I have been struggling with confidence after my legs couldn’t go the full 10 miles on the beach. I have realized I just expected too much of my body too quickly. I need to train more to prepare. I need to reduce the amount of sugar I eat on a daily basis to help with inflammation. I need to put on more miles to strengthen my legs.

I researched marathon training and found most to be too many miles a week. I’m nervous to go that many miles because I get shin splints every time I have ran consistently in the past, but just doing the long runs every other week isn’t working out. Searching the internet, I found a run/walk training program for marathons and tried it out this past week. It was great. I did the recommended mileage but I ran for 3 mins and then walk 1 then run another 3 mins. My 3 mile time was only 1 min slower than trying to run the whole time and struggle before. My body felt like it could keep going and my legs didn’t hurt. My confidence sky rocketed. 

Running in the dark last Wednesday to get my miles in after Matt came home from work to watch Edith.

I also reached out to my cancer community and asked if anyone had taken up distance running after diagnosis. I was surprised at how many responded. Everyday short distance runners cheered me on, 5 and 10k runners gave me tips, and marathon and ultra-runners became my friends. All passing on knowledge that it is possible to be a successful runner after cancer. Everyone said to be patient. I want to perform like before cancer. I want my body to recover like it used to. I need to remember my body is not the same. I have asked a lot of it over the past couple of years. Giving myself grace for bad days and taking the extra time to roll out and ice after runs will be important as I continue. I am expecting amazing things from my body I need to care for it. 

This weekend I ran the 6.2 at Monte Sano state park with the run/walk method. My legs started to get stiff but I wasn’t completely gassed and in pain by the end. I’m improving. Every run won’t be life changing but I see improvements every day. 

My Training schedule for last week.

Heading into treatment this morning leaves me feeling accomplished since I completed my goal this week. I was able to start to take my running to the next level and get serious about my training.  I still have severe anxiety every three weeks going into these treatments but knowing I completed my run gives me a feeling of strength. I can do this, cancer can’t stop me.

Today I will go to treatment and rest. Tomorrow get up and continue to train. To get my mileage in for the week I will have to run in bad weather, the dark, and when I don’t want to. This week I will be consistent and focus on the positives so I can be successful.  

Hills suck. Monte Sano has lots of hills.
I did it. 6.1 done.

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