Friends of 32-Miles: Zionna Hanson

Meet Zionna Hanson, founder of Barbells for Boobs. This amazing lady and her organization have changed my life. Even before losing her sister to breast cancer, she was changing how the world saw survivors. I’ve listened to her speak many times and her passion for helping women shines through her. Speaking on ideas about starting Barbells for Boobs, I remember her saying, “I wanted to give these women more than a t-shirt. I wanted to help them heal.” Barbells for Boobs now offers women all over the world education, support, and a safe way to do physical activities after diagnosis. 

“I know what my fitness has done for my own life and mental well-being. Yet, I had NO idea how important it was going to be for me to heal after losing my sister to metastatic breast cancer.” 

“For me, death and a breast cancer diagnosis symbolize the same thing…Trauma.  The gym was the only place I could face the trauma. It was the only place I felt peace and comfort during one of the darkest times of my life.”

Zionna and her sister, Jenny Lisa Dean. “Jenny smiled everyday even while the cancer was growing inside her.”

“I started Barbells for Boobs in 2009 by utilizing the barbell to inspire others to give. After losing my sister in 2018, I now utilize the barbell as a way to heal women after a breast cancer diagnosis.  I know our work is improving lives daily.”

“I keep it as a reminder that that’s what breast cancer looks like. It’s not pretty. It’s not pink. It’s fucking scary”

Zionna referring to her sisters scans of metastatic breast cancer.


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