My heart longs to be here.

Driving five and a half hours to the beach on a Friday night is worth every minute to wake up to the beach Saturday morning. It was cool, windy and the water was rough but stunning. My heart longs to be here. Everywhere else seems foreign. 

Matt and I split up to cover more ground. He took the first stretch heading west from Lagoon Park Pass to Bon Secour. I chose to close the gap from Bon Secour to Our Road beach access. Both ended up to be around 6 miles. The sand was deep and tough to run in. I ran for a minute and thirty seconds and then walked for a minute and then ran again. It was slow but a pace I could sustain the whole way. My lungs were good but my legs burned from running in the loose sand. I was able to complete the 6.25 miles with little pain. It was a great feeling to finish without limping with a time of 1 hour and 24 minutes.

I’ve decided, weather permitting, I will run around half way, 16.75 to be exact, Memorial Day weekend. After discussing with a few people, I don’t think trying to push myself to go the full 32 miles before summer is the best decision. I don’t want to set myself up for failure, pushing myself too hard in too short of time for an unrealistic goal. Running in mid-summer in south Alabama is not an option. I am scared, though, that something will come up with my health, and pushing it back till September might jeopardize completing as well. But, I feel like that is my best option for a successful run. I need to live life like I want to, not in fear.  I cannot control what my life has instore for me, but I can control how I live each day. Focusing on what I can control keeps me positive and on the right track. The first weekend in September, Labor Day weekend, I will run 32 miles.


Today I am proud of setting a date for completing 32 miles. I will focus on the everyday accomplishments instead of letting fear cloud my mind. Today, I will remember the breathtaking views and let that motivate me to continue training. 

Last weeks training schedule
The first half of my 32 miles – 16.75 miles
Parking lot at Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge at the southern end of Mobile St.
Boardwalk entrance- mostly sand covered but still accessible.
Short walk up the road from the parking lot to boardwalk.
The view looking towards the road at Bon Secour. The last public entrance before a barren two miles before houses appear near Gulf Shores.

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