I like the person I am after I run.

Good morning! I ran a 5-miles at Monte Sano this weekend. I’ve been getting tired of my same old concrete loops so a ventured on to some trails. I was great. It was a mind trick that helped me stay busy looking at the scenery and feet placement instead of running in a straight line constantly staring at my destination. It made the miles go by quick. 

Monte Sano State Park, Huntsville, AL South Plateau Loop

I have also incorporated daily walks and occasional bike rides into my routine. These work great at keep my heart rate in zone two. I am also running my run programing, pushing hard to stay in the high zones avoiding the easy middle area with little gains. The walks have helped me recover and added an extra level of training every day. The fast runs have helped me build strength and speed. Going forward, I will incorporate both to create a balanced routine promoting gains without overreaching. Taking the time to research and understand heart rate has helped me understand the importance of varying workout intensity for better results.

A few of you reached out after my post last week and reminded me to not over think and somedays just go for the run. Forget everything- heart rate, pace, etc. It reminded me of why I am running. I like the person I am after I run- the feelings of strength and accomplishment. I am constantly comparing myself to my goals and future, I need to take a step back and compare myself to yesterday. I have come a long way from a few months ago, bald as a baby and curled up in bed. That’s the woman I need to remind myself of when I feel like my pace is too slow. That is the woman I am running for. That’s why I am writing this blog. To show the world cancer survivors aren’t weak. Cancer survivors persevere, pushing through to better days. We are better than before. Before my diagnosis my view of the cancer community were elderly who were bed ridden and weak. Now I know cancer affects all ages and having a diagnosis does not mean you are weak. Survivors are more bad ass than most of this world. Survivors are willingly submitting to situations that will cause pain and fatigue just to spend another day on this world. They are the ones who see life clearly. They know the importance of each day. We have an opportunity to wake up every morning and do amazing things but take it for granted. We hide in self-pity, live in the shadow of self-doubt.

On my runs, I get a lot of ideas. Ideas that get pushed aside because I feel inadequate or sacred of failing. But I know the devil puts those thoughts in my head because he knows I will succeed. That I will do great things. He wants me to feel worthless, but I am not. 

Today is a new day. I will do the things that feed my soul. I will not wait for the perfect time to start something new. I will take advantage of every moment of today.   

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