I am worthy. I am strong. I am full of grit.

Friday morning, I set out to do 7 miles. 

The night before Matt’s training had him doing 15. When he got home and showered, I sat on the bathroom floor and doubted myself. If he struggles to do 15, how am I ever going to do 32. The furthest I had ever gone was 10 a few months ago on the beach. I walked half of it and limped home. I was seriously doubting my abilities. 

The next day Edi had school in the morning and Matt was at work. I had 7 miles on my training schedule to complete yet this week. I felt good and started running the greenway by my house. My ankle was starting to bother me around mile 4 but otherwise it was a beautiful day and spring was in full bloom. I was in a great mood. The thought occurred to me around mile 6, “what if I ran 10 today?” And then, “If I can run 10, surely I can run 3 more.” So off I went.

I continued past my house around mile 7 on to a 4.5-mile loop. I restarted my playlist and around mile 9 got my second wind. A good song came on and I got a little pep in my step. I was excited to be doing this. After the night before my confidence needed a boost. I felt strong. I could do this. As I was running, I took out my phone and wrote in my notes, “I am worthy. I am strong. I am full of grit.” It’s my new mantra. My old was “you are strong, but do you have grit?” The fear of failing held me back from believing in myself. Now, attempting to achieve this new goal, I regained my confidence. 

At mile 10 my hips and legs were starting to tighten up. I took around 10-15 big walking stretch steps and things loosened back up.  I was off again! Three miles left! Matt called to check on me at mile 11. He asked, “are you still running?” I said, “Tell me I’m a bad ass!” He told me. Then asked, what in the world I was doing? I said I had two more miles and I will have run a half marathon! 

We hung up and I put my head down. I was so proud of myself. Mile 12 I was feeling it in my hips. But, it was only a mile. I kept my pace and a block from my house I reached my goal. I ran 13.1 miles- a half marathon in 2 hours and 16 minutes.

Today, I believe my goal of 32 miles is attainable. I am proud of myself for running a half marathon. Today, I know I am worthy. I am strong. I am full of grit.

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