I always feel better after I run.

With the storms, I was only able to get two of my four days of running in leaving me 14 miles short of my total 22 goal miles last week. But, I was still busy working toward my goals. Running takes a lot of time in my schedule, so the rain provided rest and the ability to focus on other parts of my life. My family and I went to the beach and enjoyed some time together. I was able to receive donations for almost all of the 32-MILES RUN CLUB challenge packets and ship them out. And I have ordered another printing of shirts so we can continue to raise donations for events for survivor athletes.

Taking a break last week was good for me. I am very excited to run the beach this fall, but I know I have to put in the work in order for it to be possible. I do not get up every day excited to go for a run. The opposite is usually the norm. I would much rather sit on the couch and eat cookies. And sometimes I do. But most times I force myself to put my shoes on get outside. There are days when everything aches and it’s a struggle to just get through the miles. But, I always feel better after I run. So, I have learned to just do it- not to think about it too much. I focus on my why instead of each step.  

This past Saturday was another race event in Gulf Shores, Zydeco Crawfish 5K, to promote 32-MILES RUN CLUB. I set up at the start/finish line. I was able to meet a few survivors and speak on the microphone about our group. After the race started, I was able to stand and wait for people finish. Cheering people on crossing that line made me happy. Each showed a mix of emotions, joy through exhaustion, and reminded me why I run. From top athletes running under 17 mins to walkers crossing the finish line 40 mins later, each ended with a smile, pushing themselves to their best. Racing is for everyone- competing against yourself for your best time. It’s a way to move every day and enjoy the outdoors.

Today I am going to enjoy running. I will be thankful to be outside and enjoy the sunshine. Today I will remember why I am running- to be my best self and encourage others to do the same.

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