How far we have come deserves recognition too.

I am a little behind in posting. It has been a busy few weeks. Last week I got all my miles in; 5-4-5 during the week. I met a new friend and ran with her for the four miles. Talking and running is my favorite. It makes the miles fly by. The weather was a bit chilly but I felt great.

Neighborhood run for 5 miles.

This past weekend we went to Gulf Shores and I ran my long run, 7 miles, on the beach. It was 80 and sunny. I only stopped for a short few minutes to walk when the sand got super deep and then when I turned back around to head back. The slant of the sand made my hips hurt and I had to adjust. I stopped for a quick stretch to open my hips and I was back off. In completing 7, I am so proud of how far I have come compared to one of those earlier runs on the beach where I limped off to car defeated.

The public access points of beach are starting to get busy.
Sweating and navigating tourists and fishing poles
A section of flat clear beaches near Gulf State Park
Finished 7 miles with an ice cold beer!

I celebrated my last treatment this Monday. Matt and Edi were there keeping me company through the window. Although I could continue treatment indefinitely, since I am currently showing no evidence of disease, my doctor and I agreed to take a break from all treatments. I will be having frequent scans to watch for progression, but enjoy life in the fullest and put worry to the side. My next PET scan will be in three weeks.

I decided again to only touch the bell. Throughout my diagnosis I have met many who are Stage Four and will never have the opportunity to ring it. Constant treatments and progressing disease prevent them from ever stopping treatments. The bell brings so many joy and I had an idea to share this with everyone. Next to the bell is a short poem about completing treatment and moving on. By writing my version, I hope to include more survivors in celebration and share the joy of reaching new milestones and accomplishments. We all give it our all and are going through hell. Having something to look forward to and celebrate how far we have come deserves recognition too.

Today I am thankful for everything cancer has given me- a new look on life, friendships, and experiences. I will do everything in my power to live a full and happy life and be grateful for each day.

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